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Who Can Use It?

  • Beginners - The Decoder is made for you! Learn the basics of key signatures, note names and how chords and scales are formed.

  • Intermediate Players - Supplement your learning by seeing how the notes relate to each other in different keys. Get to that next level and don't just memorize!

  • Advanced Players - Create new and unique sounding chords and scales with quick referencing with the Decoder. Transpose in an instant!

  • Play by Ear Musicians - Quickly learn the lingo and how Music Theory works without all the fluff!

  • Teachers - Have your students quickly understand Theory with this amazing new tool!



Understanding the Major Scale on the front side is the key to learning chords and scales.  On the back side, you will discover the formulas will show you the ingredients to many chords and scales at a glance.   Slide the insert to the desired root note name, then find the formula to the desired chord or scale.  The corresponding note names will be the combination or sequence you can play on your instrument.


Music Teachers

You will love how quickly students catch on to Music Theory with The Music Decoder. No matter what instrument you teach, the Decoder can supplement your lesson plans. As you know, every student should learn basic music theory including the Major Scale, Intervals, Scale Degrees, Key Signatures, etc. Use the Music Decoder to give them a strong foundation in Music Theory.

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