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Guitar Tab 

     "Over the years I've played and collected thousands of songs but I  only want to reproduce the arrangements here I've written and played myself in chord-melody.  All are hand written in tab, typically condensed to 1 page, (hard to turn pages during a performance) and pretty confusing unless you are classically trained.  (The tab makes it easier to execute because of the lack of notation timing restrictions, if you know the song, of course).   But even if you don't feel ready for some of these songs, you can always play the chords, or the melody until you're ready to combined them.   (hint : if you see my video of a song, any extra notes not written can be found within the above written chord).  For the tinkering musician:  you do not have to be perfect in timing or execution to enjoy your instrument when you are playing alone, just hearing the changing melodies and harmonies against the chords are delicious to the ears!"   .......Sixstring66

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