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What is it?

"The Music Decoder is a quick reference slide chart that allows you to see the ingredients of any chord, any scale, in any key... instantly"  - Sixstring66

  • Basic to advanced music theory knowledge and quick reference tool for any instrument.

  • Instantly see the ingredients of chords and scales in any key so understanding, modifying, and transposing is easy on the fly.

  • Understand and compare all the different musical terms that make music theory confusing.

  • Supplements all methods of musical learning.

  • Durable, fits in your instrument case, and resonably priced.

The Music Decoder is a visual aid slide chart that is simple in form but packed full of essential music basics. Instantly see what notes are in any chord or scale in any key. If you are an aspiring musician, a professional, a vocalist, a music teacher, and especially the 'play-by-ear' musician, the Music Decoder will make learning your instrument much easier.


The front side of the Music Decoder breaks down every aspect of the Major Scale. The terminology and formulas get confusing with 2 dimensional music teaching books, but in 3 dimensions, learning key signatures is easy. 


On the backside of the Music Decoder, you can determine the notes of any chord or scale in any key, instantly. Learn how music is put together, and forget about memorizing novels of information.

Finally, a 3D visual of what every "learned" musician knows!

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